Manuela Feyder


Manuela is an experienced journalist and coach and the co-founder and managing director of netzwerk medien-trainer. She coaches journalists and managers on personal growth, work-life balance and business and advises large media houses on strategy and change management. Her academic background as an economist, her extensive training and experience as a coach and her work as a journalist allow Feyder to pinpoint topics quickly and maximize impact during short-term coaching and consulting engagements. In the 90's Feyder launched the first German continued education program dedicated to Online-Journalism. As managing director for the association of German journalists, "Deutscher Journalisten Verband-Bildungswerk" (DJV), she managed international journalism conferences (with more than 200 journalists attending) and designed and implemented professional development programs for journalists working in new and traditional media. Manuela Feyder is author of the practical handbook for journalists named “VR-Journalismus” that has been published August 2018.

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