Focused on the future

Focused on the future

Focused on the future

Shaping the future

Viewpoint was founded by netzwerk medien-trainer and is a platform that is used by companies and research institutions wanting to perform groundbreaking work in future technological fields such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, neurofeedback or to integrate them into their companies. Viewpoint combines the power of technological innovation with profesional know-how, ranging from architecture over media and psychology to future research. Viewpoint means collaboration: linking, developing, advising, producing, and coaching.

The big picture

Viewpoint connects organizations from different industries. The founding partners are actively involved with their expertise and work. With Viewpoint, organizations are able to learn and grow together by drawing on each other’s expertise, support each other with customer acquisition and handling, develop joint projects in future technological areas and develop new applications.

2018/2019: Viewpoint XR

In the USA, the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries are already very sophisticated. With Viewpoint XR, organizations will not only collaborate across industries, but also across borders. Now is the time for german organizations to orientate themselves and to face the challenges and opportunities of XR.


Healium XR

Product development

Psychological stress, such as burnout and depression are among the second most frequent causes of illness in Germany. It’s more prominent today than it was Twenty years ago. The people affected by this illness are retiring sooner, and this has an impact on production downtime costs. This is where the Healium product development comes in. In just four minutes, Healium soothes brain stress. Delivered via a VR application, these story-driven, brain-guided experiences work with many popular VR glasses.



VR enables stories to be more immersive. With this new medium, journalists are able to better engage their audience by taking them to places that are normally inaccessible. This allows for audiences to be placed directly into other people’s lives to include time and roles. What’s the result? Oftentimes, there is a change in empathy. For journalists, it not only changes the narratives and production processes, but it opens up a new relationship with the user. The practical book “VR Journalism” explains how VR journalism works, to include the technical know-how and practical skills that journalists should have at their disposal. VR journalists are given more insight into their work and provided with checklists and examples to further illustrate the implementation of VR stories.



Most US innovators were born in Europe. As such, the US market has been overtaking German-speaking Europe in future areas of technology. One reason for this has been the lack of cooperation between each other. The aim of Viewpoint is to allow for professionals from different industries to collaborate, grow, and learn from each other. This allows for information and ideas to flow freely, which helps multiply the speed of innovation. If you feel the same, we’d like you to join our rapidly growing network of professionals by becoming a member of Viewpoint. We look forward to seeing you!

Founding Partners


StoryUP XR is a virtual and augmented reality studio that produces XR experiences that are operated by the neurology and biometrics of the user.

ZDF Digital

Our XR team develops and generates 360°, AR, and VR productions that rely on the latest technologies and software solutions.

Digital Innovation Lab of NOZ- and mh:n-Media

HHLab conducts research in user needs and develops new digital products and services for one of the biggest media groups of northern Germany, the NOZ and mh:n MEDIA. produces 360° news documentaries. They also participated in the development of ‘Svhere’, a platform that plays 360° videos and uses video metadata and machine learning in order to guide the user to hyper-relevant news.


Agency “Datenfreunde” influences the future of news. They develop Chatbots, dialogical language skills, audio recognition, and machine learning solutions.

RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Architectural and engineer office RSE edits real estate projects for public, industrial, and private clients. RSE thrives on complexity.

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

RJI makes it their business to solve problems and to capitalize on opportunities that  present themselves to the journalism industry. Their goal is to ensure a bright future for journalism and consolidate its role as a part of democracy.

h-da university of Darmstadt

The media programs that are available for study at the the university darmstadt range from classic-innovative media formats, motion pictures and sound, and animation/games to interactive-immersive systems and applications.

Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Represented by professor Dr. Klaus Meier, director of the chair of journalism I, and holder of the “Ars legendi” price for excellence in higher education. Dr. Meir’s areas of expertise include ethics and quality in journalism, editorial innovation, and digital journalism.


mc-quadrat develops strategies for markets and brand communication programs.

Christian Meyer

As a degreed psychologist, Christian is a professional consultant for Viewpoint. He has extensive experience in prevention, rehabilitation, and therapy. Together with Manuela Feyder, he is responsible for the area of neurofeedback in virtual reality.

Distribution Partner



Invr.SPACE is the exclusive hardware distribution partner for Viewpoint. As one of the leading VR studios in Europe, they recently won the German Design Award. They provide all the accessories and integrated services necessary for VR camera and HMDs over workstations.

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